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Crosscheck allows medical professionals to create, share, and use checklists in all aspects of their clinical practice and research. Checklists have been demonstrated time and again to improve safety and reliability in medicine, and we are bringing them to your fingertips.


Cross Platform

Crosscheck runs on the iPhone, iPad, and also has a web-based component for easier checklist creation and editing.


Checklists are beautifully simple and incredibly effective tools for ensuring accurate, smooth task completion in any field. In medicine, accuracy is of paramount importance — lives are at stake. From the World Health Organization to the New England Journal, there is no shortage of evidence and support for the use of checklists in medicine.

Crosscheck eliminates the need for time-consuming research and cumbersome paper-based checklists. Simply download or create as many checklists as you want to use, and start improving patient safety right away. We have designed features that make implementing digital checklists in all cases, from small private practices to large hospitals as easy as the tap of a finger.


Crosscheck is a collaborative effort. Our content creation team consists of physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals who create checklists for our database that can be downloaded by any Crosscheck user. They are experts on checklist design and implementation, and are constantly improving the Crosscheck experience. In addition, our development team focuses on analysing how our users interact with the app and adding features that are most useful. We believe that by bringing doctors, designers, and developers closer, we can achieve a better product and, ultimately, a better healthcare experience.

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Medical Crosscheck is an H2 Micro Project.

The Crosscheck team is made up of developers, designers, and medical professionals. Together, we do our best to create the best possible content, and present it in the best medium possible.

Medical Crosscheck is an H2 Micro project.